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09 April 2011

Just Go With It

With familiar names like Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, Just Go With It, was sure to be a hit. Some math that I actually like to do: Former Friend’s star + big name comedic actor = Big laughs. It is hard to dislike this duo. This romantic comedy starts off with an interesting scenario where Danny (Sandler), a professional plastic surgeon, discovers the power of the wedding ring and its ability to easily attract the opposite sex. While he enjoys hooking up with 20-year-old women in bars every weekend, he hits the brakes when he meets the drop-dead gorgeous Palmer (Brooklyn Decker). He immediately knows that she is the one, but when she discovers his wedding band, Danny must now start a web of lies to get her to date him. He gets his assistant, Catherine (Aniston), to play the part of his current but soon-to-be-divorced wife and she, in turn, drags her two children through this whole mess. Besides the shallow and predictable storyline (What did you expect?), the movie is still extremely enjoyable on account of its gut-wrenching humor. It’s not a serious movie at all – be prepared for poo, pee-pees in the face, bathing suits, CPR for sheep, and plastic surgery gone wrong – OH SO VERY WRONG. I’d say it is the perfect combination between a sappy/cheesy love-story and intense funny guy humor. In other words, it’s suited for all! I give it a 4/5.

Check out the trailer here for more!

p/s : thanx B belanje tgk muvie ni. BEST. gelak2 je keje. hehe. :)

Love you always~

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