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07 January 2011

If I Were the Green Hornet

Green Hornet

If I were the Green Hornet, what would I do to stop crime?

1. I will work with other superheroes against evil. With this partnership, more crime to be abolished because every superhero are assigned by area and divided the duties. Furthermore, in combination with high-powered weapons and the sophistication of our vehicles, I believe we can solve the crime quickly and effectively.

2. I will also use my knowledge to solve the crime problem as not all criminals are stupid. Some of them have the wit and wisdom in various fields such as chemistry, mathematics, science and so forth.

3. I also need to be creative in solving problems and become the leader of a well-know to make planning easy for me to fight crime.

4. Education is an essential element in reducing the crime rate in the long run. So, as Malaysian (people dont need to know that I am the Green Hornet) , I will make sure that goverment encourage and give more support in education.

5. Not to forget, I will keep the secret that I were thr Green Hornet because there's advantages and disadvantages in keeping the secret especially from media. Because, the inappropriate coverage of crime by the media also contributes to driving up the crime rate. For instance, the media tend to cover the bloody and violent scene in order to boost the ratings or circulations, which may arouse a potential criminal's motivation to commit a crime and instruct him how to achieve it. Consequently, the coverage of media should be checked carefully and restricted to some extent.

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