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10 February 2011

Rainbow Chick Resources GiveAway !

Salamz uolllss..
Sihat tak arini? comei kan stuff2 kat gmbr kat atas 2? aku saje merajinkan diri. well, aku ni mmg rajin pun join contest2. hehe.. syarat nye mudah. uoolls sume pun boleh join. tak caye? chekidout syarat2 kat bwh ni...

1. Become Rainbow Chick Resources follower. DONE

2. Like Rainbow Chick Resources blog and like fanpage Rainbow Chick Resources. DONE

3. leave a comment in the giveaway entry to participate. Get extra entries by having this giveaway posted on your blog / share this giveaway on your facebook / twitter status (for fb, please tag Rainbowchick Resources) DONE

4. provide email address together with the shared blog links. Please ensure that you leave only ONE comment. DONE

5. The closing date of the giveaway is on 28th February 2011, 11.59 MYT (GMT +8). DONE

6. The winner will be chosen via random.org, and announcement of the winner will be made shortly after. DONE

So, pe lg kwn2.. meh kite terjah blog rainbow ni. bkn sng org nk bg giveaway. hehe
Good Luck kat sesape yg join :)

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